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Ribarska kuca Niko Kobas


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Envelope yourself in the sweetest essential aroma, derived from pure plant extracts.


Just like in the other sites of Dalmatia, in Tavern Niko's olive grove the dominant cultivar of olive is a type called Oblica. The olive grove, which has been developing for centuries already, is placed in a ravine not far from the Tavern and it counts 6 000 olive trees.


Thanks to its ideal position for cultivation and to ecological approach in production, Tavern Niko's extra virgin olive oil is considered as one of the best oils in this, also the southernmost, part of Croatia. This year's record harvest has brought the incredible number of 3 000 liters of oil with only 0.2 % of fat acids. This oil has a very characteristic taste and essence of mature olives, it is slightly piquant and sour, with very expressed sweetness.


By the restaurant, there is a completely arranged old mill where you can buy ecological extra virgin olive oil and the large number of other products made of olive oil such as fragrant oil, sunbathing oil, massage oil, etc.

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