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Ribarska kuca Niko Kobas


A sailor's joys are as simple as a child's!



The first village that we are going to bump into when we arrive in the Channel of Ston is Kobaš. 


Placed in a bay of the same name, it is located in the south side of the Channel, about 2.5 miles from the Vratnik passage. Despite the fact that the sailors do not usually yaw from the Dubrovnik – Korčula route to the Channel of Ston, there are those who do, and they fell in love with it so they regularly take a day or two to visit it again and again.


If you would ask any of them why do they do that, they would stay caught not knowing what to say about the strange attraction of this small bay and even smaller village. We believe that the reason is the fact that there are no modern marines and big waterfronts in the Channel, so Kobaš is really one of the rare places that has the semblance of the old times, when those routes where reserved only for the fishermen, and not for the numerous tourists.

moorings / electricity / water / taxi

DISTANCES (nautical miles)
ACI Marina - Kobaš 19 NM
Dubrovnik - Kobaš 17 NM
Lopud - Kobaš 11 NM
Zaton - Kobaš  7 NM
Šipan - Kobaš  7 NM

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