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Ribarska kuca Niko Kobas

Plavac Mali is the dominant red grape in Dalmatia known

for producing dense and robust reds.



Plavac Mali is the most highly regarded red grape from Dalmatian Coast and Adriatic Islands. It is known for producing dense and robust reds. Plavac Mali from tavern Niko - fisherman's house is high in alcjohol and tannins, which gave it body and aging potential respectively.

Typical flavors of Plavac Mali include pepper, smoke, spice and dark fruit such as blackberries and black cherries. For complexity and richness it is employed some barrel maturation.

​Bilic family vineyards spread over two locations: in a valley surrounded by hills, a hundred meters from the tavern Niko - fisherman's house and acres of steep slopes on the southern peninsula, where almost touch the sea. The vineyards are located in rugged terrain at an angle of 45 degrees and in the sandy soil with many stones as best favored making the highest quality wines Plavac mali.

​In order to keep the indigenous farming practices and the nature of Plavac Mali, and visually rich history full of scenery, vineyards on the steep slopes of the Peljesac peninsula were built with the help of an impressive terrace bordered assembly handcrafted stone walls.



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